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Alexandra Kurjakovic


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Meet Alexandra Kurjakovic - Alexandra brings over 15 years of interior design and construction experience to her real estate game. As the owner and founder of Steel Bay Designs, a boutique interior design studio, she has a proven track record of generating value for her clients by making strategic design selections, more specifically targeting the resale market.
Leveraging her skillset as an interior designer and investor, she has helped buyers see the potential in a fixer, then spearheaded the project turning it into their dream home, and helped sellers get market ready by making key design decisions when prepping-for-sale that will generate the highest ROI.
In her spare time, Alexandra enjoys restoring old houses, reading publications about houses, and visiting open houses. In an ever-changing market, being fully immersed in her real estate and design business has given her the ability to speak, in real-time, about what the real estate market is doing, what is trending, and what consumers are looking for. Being right on the pulse has been a big contributor to her success in business.
As a distance runner, Alexandra rarely shy’s away from a challenge, on the contrary, she appreciates it! One of her greatest assets is her ability to persevere and concur obstacles by staying positive and looking for creative solutions to difficult problems. Having been there herself, she is very sympathetic to the fatigue that comes with the Bay Area's competitive housing market, and w/ her determination and out-of-the-box thinking, she has been able to exceed her client’s expectations.
When Alexandra is not busy creating in her studio, you can find her journaling at her local coffee shop, taking long walks with four dogs (Leo, Molly, Maggie, and Josie), on the tennis courts, or out running in Tilden Park training for her next big race.

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Alexandra's specialty is identifying where her clients should spend their money to get the highest and best return on their investment (ROI). She works with investors, home sellers, home buyers, and homeowners advising sellers on design strategies for home sales, consulting buyers on improvements for their home purchase, and guiding homeowners through the design and construction process.